As most of you know, I am going to school to get my master’s degree! Yay me! (Only 3 classes left!) Anyway, Doane is really great about sending us emails with job postings. I usually give them a glance over and then delete them. None of them have seemed to fancy me. Until yesterday! Lincoln Public Schools had an opening that sounded like it was right up my alley! Now of course you know me. I am already plotting how awesome my new job is in my head. Then I decided I better get to filling out the application. Of course the application that is in PDF form is not one that you can type in. So I had to print out all 9 pages and use my awesome handwriting skills. This took awhile. I then gathered all the necessary materials and put it together nicely in a packet. Upon the advice of my friend Marcy I decided I would take the packet to the human resources department myself. So, the next day over my lunch hour, I drove out to the LPS office. I dressed a little nicer and actually tried to do my hair and make-up. I did this just in case someone should want to interview me on the spot! Anyway, I waltzed into the human resources office and announced “my name is Sarah Murtagh and I am dropping off an application for employment!” Perhaps I should describe the lady at the desk. She had fire red hair, much like Lucille Ball. She was probably in her early 50’s and was sporting a brown suede jacket. She was also a chunky jewelry person. She had on a huge turquoise necklace. Anyway, she said “ok, what position is it for, so that I can get it to the right person.” AGH, the name of the position is very long. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to say it. I replied “well, it’s for the assistant to the assistant superintendent……(trail off the last part because there is more)” She gave me a puzzled look. Then she said “look through this book and tell me where you see that position.” I started to panic. I looked through the book. It WASN’T IN THERE!!! I said “I don’t see it listed in here, but I was just on the website yesterday and it was there.” Fire engine said, “Well let me check on the website, because we do updates, and I’m sure my book is up to date. Hmm…Well I don’t see it on here.” I am becoming infuriated!! “Ok, well the closing date, was not until May 26th, and it was on the website yesterday. Did the updates take place today?” Fire Truck gives me a blank stare and says “yep, they happened this morning, so here’s your application back.” I shoved the envelope back in her face “no, I want to leave this.” Fire (you know what I want to say) says “I’m sorry, did you want to apply for another position, because you can’t leave an application for a position that doesn’t exist.” Ok Sarah, now this lady thinks you are CRAZY, and making up positions. Great! I took a deep breath and said “no, I do not want to apply for anything else. I would like to leave this application for this position and you can pull it out if and when it becomes available again.” Big Red just smiled and said “ok.” I left after that!

ARGH!!! I was fuming. I also needed to eat. So, I went through the Amigo’s drive-thru. It was on the way back to work. I wasn’t really hungry, but I figured the anger would turn into hunger. I ordered a taco-rito supreme and a medium Dr. Pepper. I pulled up to the window. The lady at the window said “what was your drink again?” “Dr. Pepper.” Drive-thru lady “Well, it’s going to be awhile for that, we are out, so we’ll need to change the machine.” ARGHGHGHGHGH!!! I guess Dr. Pepper doesn’t exist for me either! “Just give me a Pepsi, I gotta go.”

I came back to the office (late) after cleaning up the Pepsi that spilled all over in the cup holders because the cup was over filled. I went DIRECTLY to the LPS website and checked for the job. Towards the bottom of the page this is what I saw:

TECHNICIAN POSITIONS: (Complete Classified Application)
Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for General Administration and Governmental Relations, 8 hrs/day, 260 day calendar: Responsible for facilitating communication between LPS Staff, the community and local legislators; process facility use requests for the district; and serve as backup for the assistants to the Superintendent. This position requires knowledge of the Nebraska legislative process, LPS policies and regulations. Prefer the ability to take dictation using shorthand. Must have effective oral and written skills as well as strong skills in use of computer spreadsheets, database and presentation software. Salary Range $40,000 to $50,000 (Annual). Closes 5/26/09

WHAT? I am not crazy! It was there!!! I immediately IM’d Santi to see if he saw it too. Just to make sure. Yep, he collaborated that it was indeed on the site. I called the LPS office in a furry! “Hello, may I have the HR department, the receptionist at the HR department.” She said hello, or something, I don’t remember because I was shaking with anger. Also during this time, my other 5 lines were ringing. So I said “Hi, this is Sarah Murtagh, and I just dropped off an application a few minutes ago, and you had told me that the position didn’t exist and I am on the website now, and it DOES exist and it is located towards the bottom of the page under technician positions!” (all in one breath) Big Red said “Ok, let me pull up the site. Ok, I see it. There it is. Well I wonder why it wasn’t in my book. I will make sure this gets to the correct person.” I said “thank you so much! Good-Bye!” ARGHARGHAH!

Now if only I had a Dr. Pepper…..


My co-worker Hiruth and I decided that we would take a walk on our afternoon break. It was nice out and it was even nicer to get away for awhile. We walked clear down to the journalism building and had decided to cut through the parking lot. It was then that I spotted Joel Kreutzer! I went to high school with Joel. He was a year older than me. We were in band together and I always thought he was funny in a quiet creepy kind of way. Anyway, since I had broken down and joined the craziness of facebook I was able to reconnect with him. Of course I waved my arms in a big manor and said “well if it isn’t Joel Kreutzer! How the heck are ya?” Then I saw the look in his eye. Oh fuck! He had NO IDEA who I was! He said “do you work here?” I said “no, I work at the Arbor Day Foundation” (hoping this would recall his memory as to who I was because surly he had read my profile and looked at all of my pics like I do with everyone else on there, not to mention I was wearing the same outfit I had on in my profile pic). I got no response. “Well anyway, Hiruth and I were just out on a walk, so we better get back now, you look great, have a good day.” I started walking faster, hoping Hiruth wouldn’t notice. We walked in silence until we got to Arby’s. Hiruth then said, “so how do you know that guy?” I explained that we went to high school together. She said “huh, well I don’t think he knew who you were.” I stopped dead in my tracks and screamed in his general direction at the top of my lungs in front of the downtown Wendy’s “WE’RE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!!!” Hiruth then said, “it’s really amazing how your mind works.” Stupid facebook.

As most of you already know, I recently broke up with my best friend of over 10 years. I began thinking about how much this was like breaking up with a boyfriend. I should begin with how we met. I was 15 years old and working at the YMCA as a lifeguard/swimming instructor. My boss had the worst 3 children on the planet (I’m not kidding) and often left them in the hands of the staff while she tried to save her marriage in her office via phone. Anyway, after coming off a long lifeguarding shift where one of her monsters had slipped and fell (after I told him 1000 times not to do what he was doing) and the monster then blamed it on me, I had to teach swim lessons. Anyway, this tall curly haired lady came round to my class and told me that I should watch the kids more closely as they were getting anxious sitting on the edge of pool. Who was this girl? Was she my boss? How dare she tell me what to do!!! Right after class I marched into my boss’ office. I laid into her like no other. I told her I wasn’t going to baby sit her awful children anymore nor was I going to cover for her. I also told her I didn’t need this “girl” to tell me what to do. It seems I should have done this sooner as after this angsty explosion I got my pick of shifts and classes. However, the “girl” would still glare at me whenever she saw me. Whatever.

As soon as I turned 16 I applied to lifeguard for the public pools in the summer. There were two pools. One was the cool pool. The other was in the ghetto. I chose to work at the ghetto pool. I felt like I would fit in better there. On our first day of training we all met at the cool pool. Who did I spy? THE GIRL!! God I hated her!! To make matters worse I found out she was working at MY POOL!!! Damn her!!

I’m not sure how we bonded. I think it was over the prank we played on another guard who was a tool. We put that garlic sauce from papa john’s pizza in his shampoo. Anyway, pretty much after that we were inseparable despite our age difference. She taught me how to let loose and have fun. She also taught me that it was ok to be assertive. What was a college student doing hanging around with a teenager you may be asking. It wasn’t until the road started getting rocky that I began to answer that.

It seems to me now that the relationship was unbalanced. For her I was the rock. A constant. Always there. She was my idol. Which is why I let her make me feel less then equal. When I started asking for equality the rift started. You might have guessed that the rift would have started when she got married. However, we became closer during this time as her marriage fell apart and I was once again her rock. Then something hit me. I was tired. I was tired of being the rock for everyone. I wanted to have relationships that gave back to me as I gave to them. I started the change. When I started this process Lena became less available for me. She just wasn’t able to give back. She couldn’t be my rock. Anyway, like all break-ups, she broke up with me over a lame argument and I never heard from her again.

I was upset for awhile. I went through all the stages of loss. Then I took a look around me. I was happier with myself then I had been in a long time. I had an awesome (but small) group of people around me who supported me (and still do, I love you all more than you will know). They put in just as much as I did. I was happy. Lena didn’t make me happy. It was then that I realized how little she cared for me and how easily I was replaced by someone who could be her new rock. She didn’t even give me the courtesy of an insult. She was just gone. That speaks volumes. So for those of you who think that a romantic partner is the only breakup that can affect you I’d say you’re wrong. We grow apart from and with friends just the same. I am just happy that I can finally say that I feel like the people I have in my life now are balanced and offer me a great deal. I hope they can say the same about me!