Adventures in Baby-Hatching

January 25, 2010

I am very bad at this “blog” thing, in that I don’t post very often. I’ve been wanting to blog about the happenings of the new baby that will be coming our way in July, but didn’t want to “spill the beans” too early. On Halloween, after a night of binge drinking (of course) I took a pregnancy test. Why you ask did I take a pregnancy test? Well normally after drinking I vomit. This time, I didn’t. I knew something was off. The test verified my thoughts. I was pregnant.

I of course felt like I was going to be sick immediately with a mix of I need to call people and buy baby stuff and get healthy in there as well. Now, we had been trying, so it’s not like it should have come as a shock, but it still did. Santi and I didn’t know what to do. We were supposed to go on a bike ride with our friends Chris and Julie, but we cancelled. We went to their house later and told them why we cancelled. We felt like it was a good excuse. Of course they were elated for us. We then told Santi’s parents. I decided to wait to tell mine.

So a few days later I called my mom….

Me: Well, I just wanted to call to let you know that you’re going to be a grandma.
Mom: By who?
Me: By me.
Mom: I thought you didn’t want kids…was this planned?
Me: Well, I just got tired of Aunt Judy saying I had to give my heirlooms to my cousin as I was never having offspring. Yes, it was planned.
Mom: Oh, well…..Congratulations

Also, we nearly died trying to get to Kearney for Christmas where my mom told me that she just “wasn’t that excited yet as it was too early” and my dad told me I could have one beer because it wouldn’t kill the baby.

Anyway, for the most part I would say I’ve been a fairly good pregnant lady. I mean, I try not to complain too much and I try to carry on as normal.

However, these are the things that have gotten to me:
Dizzy Spells
Aversion to toothpaste
Aversion to heat
Aversion to Santi’s farts and his breath at times
Aversion to gravy, pasta, and cheese and especially cheese stuffed pasta
Being tired
Sore hips when I sleep
Weird Ass Dreams
My feet and hands falling asleep for no reason
Stress of trying to pay for all this baby crap and trying to decipher what we really need
Being overly emotional
Not looking “pregnant” b/c I lost so much weight from eating healthy and not drinking (I just want to wear cute maternity clothes damn it!)
Thinking that at every dr.’s apt something bad is going to happen (There’s no heartbeat anymore, There’s 2 heartbeats, etc.)
(I think that’s about it for now)

I also find that with this pregnancy crap, the more they tell you that you can’t have, the more I want it, like sushi. I also don’t enjoy the advice I’ve been getting from those that have been pregnant unless it’s something that I’m dealing with at the moment, like how it’s weird that you feel sick in the hot shower (totally true and what did u do about? Nothing, sweet, just like me). YES, we’re going to find out the sex and no I don’t care that you don’t want me to. (In fact, I even bought a test at Walgreens that is 82% accurate on telling you the gender of your baby. Santi and I are 75% sure that it read “boy” but who knows. I love Walgreens.) YES, we have some names picked out and the boy name is set, while the girl name is debatable, and YES we’ll tell you if you want to know, but again, I don’t care what you think of it.

For the most part, we are excited and ready to start our new little family and just want it all to be ok. I’m sure there will be more adventures to share. I am very excited to start a baby room which I plan to do in white furniture, and alternating gray stripes on the wall , and ORANGE bed sheets!! I am also excited about the shower (which Kaci is giving and she is a WONDERFUL cook, and person) even though Santi’s mom doesn’t understand what it is. I’m sure these events will lead to the next blog entry at some point. Till then kids, don’t hold your breath.