(The beeps are supposed to be sound effects like an important news update from an old radio, you know)

Warning, not only is this blog entry long, there are also some graphic parts, but I feel that you need to know everything in order to get the entire picture of what my week has been like.


Sat 2/6 11am: Santi and I are looking at houses online in bed. We see two that look nice. I call and ask if we can look at them. The realtor says that one is sold, but the other we may see at 3 pm. Great.

3pm: We see the house and it is nice. We tell Colin the realtor this is nice, but we’d have to buy it on a contingency because we can’t afford 2 mortgages. We tell him we were going to list our place for sale by owner. He tells us he’ll give us a deal for listing with him. We said we’ll think about it.

4pm: Santi & I go w/ Chris & Julie to my friend Amanda’s open house for her new cupcake business. She gives us free cupcakes. Yummy. Then we go to eat at LaPaz. Also yummy. Then we drive to the house we are going to for a “game night” with some swinger friends of Chris & Juju only to discover we are the 1st to arrive. We decide we can’t let this happen, so we drive around. We decide to put an offer on that house while driving. I call Colin. He says come to my office on Sunday. I don’t sleep a lot Sat night b/c I’m anxious.

Sun 2/7 11:30am: We arrive at Colin’s office and fill out all of our bidding paper work. I guess this means we are listing our place with Colin. Meh. The house we like has an open house today. I’m hoping no one comes.

1pm: We go to Omaha to visit Dan, Kaci, & Emaline. Kaci takes us to Target to help us register for baby stuff. I’m glad she was there to guide us. I would have been lost. I also saw the dvd that Em is in love with. I don’t get it and wonder if this is what my life will soon become b/c this dvd is really weird. Then we go back to their place where we eat copious amounts of dip and junk food and pretend to watch the super bowl.

7:30pm: Colin calls. He says there is another bid on the house. Now we have to wait to see what the seller decides. Boo. Dan & Kaci lighten the mood by making me laugh really hard about I don’t know what. Dan was waxing philosophical about some nonsense and introducing us to his cousin Kinney. I think he was tipsy.

9pm: We drive back to Lincoln. The weather is crap for driving. I’m sick of driving in crap weather. I don’t sleep well again wondering if he will accept our offer.

Mon 2/8 in the morn: Good news! He accepted our offer and countered the other offer. You see, he can keep accepting offers until we remove our contingency. Boo.

5:45pm: Colin brings his uncle with us to our place so that we can sign our seller’s agreement and his uncle tells us how to stage our place. He takes one photo, but wants to come back to take more once our house is staged. Chris & Julie are going to let us store some crap in their basement and Gill & Ryan are going to come down on Sat w/ their truck so we can move the crap. We hope that more pics can be taken on Mon 2/15.

Tues 2/9: We start to pack our crap and “stage”. I had a group meeting at 7:45, so I went and tried to focus on school work.

Wed 2/10: I think I’m getting a cold. I wake up in the am with snot in my throat. I even vomit some up. I feel achy and crappy. I go to work. By noon my voice is pretty much gone and I feel like crap. I decide to go home and sleep.

3pm: I get a call from a realtor w/ Home real-estate. She wants to show our place at 6pm. Uh, sure. Our place has been on realtor.com for about 3 hours. CRAP. We have boxes everywhere; we haven’t taken down our personal photos. I get up to start the rush process and run the vacuum as well. I still feel like crap.

6pm: We pack up the dogs and go to sonic. We didn’t know what to do. We drank shakes. At 6:30 we decide to head back. The lights are off inside, so we go in. Then we start watching the dvd we got from Netflix. DEXTER. It’s really good and not as gruesome as I thought. Also, I think Dexter is kind of cute. Santi points out that he looks like Marky Mark. He does indeed and I think Marky Mark is one hot piece of ace. Then I wonder what is wrong with me for being attracted to a serial killer. Is Santi a serial killer? No, he has angry outbursts and Dexter is cool, calm, and collected all the time.

7pm: Colin calls to tell us that the buyer of the house we want to purchase has accepted an offer. This means we have 48 hours to remove the contingency and sell our place. Yeah right. I send out texts to say we lost the house. I am angry. Boo.

Thurs 2/11: I wake up in the am and vomit. Not just morning sickness vomit, but full throttle here comes all the water you drank and the food you ate vomit. I feel terrible. I’m going back to bed.

11am: Colin calls. The gal who saw our place last night wants to come see it again at 7pm tonight. He says this is a good thing. AHHHH!!! The yo-yo. I can’t take it. This could mean she could put in an offer on our place and we could still get the other house. Me noives.

6:30pm: We drive around again. Then we decided to park a block away from our house and stalk it.

7:45pm: Why are they still in there?! I just want to watch the rest of Dexter for the love. Seriously. Also, I fed Jordan and Ella my French Fries. Jordan threw them up in the car. Santi is not pleased with me.

7:50pm: Finally they leave. Eff.

8:45pm: Colin calls and asks us some questions about our heat pump. He said that the people know we are on contingency and he told them that we are more willing to deal if they make an offer by tomorrow morning. He said they would sleep on it and let us know Friday morning. We finish disk 1 of Dexter. I still think he’s good looking and I want to know who the damn Ice Truck Killer is! UGH! Now I have to wait for the next disc to come. I don’t sleep well again.

Friday 2/12: Santi is sick this am with the snot throat and the crud I had. I feel better. I come to work to wait. My nerves are about done.

This has been my week so far. I’m over it. I’ll keep you posted on the house.