As promised, I am keeping you all up to date on the house selling/buying ventures. It’s been….well frankly it’s been knotting my stomach, as you will read…

Let me start by saying that we have been living in a “show case” house for quite some time. Ryan and Gill came down to help us “declutter” some of our rooms. Julie and Chris were nice enough to let us store some crap in their basement for the time being. Cleaning everyday sucks, as does vacuuming with our hairy dogs. It seemed like every day we had someone coming to look at our house. This was good at first, but got old after awhile. I’m sure the dogs really enjoyed getting to go to work with Santi.

Then one day our neighbor emailed me to ask me a favor. (Back-story on neighbors: we don’t REALLY know them. They’ve lived next door for about a year and spend most of their time in Florida. They only come here occasionally to visit their kids and grandkids) Anyway, he wanted  me to spread the word about a job opening his son’s website had. I told him I would do so only if he would spread the word about our condo being for sale. It was at this point in time that he told me that HE himself would be interested in our place because it had more bedrooms and bathrooms. He said he would not be returning to Lincoln until late April. He was going to send his kids to look at the place and would I please let him know if we received any offers. I said sure! HOT DOG A POSSILBE BUYER!!

Then we hit a snag. We had a gentleman want to put in an offer on our condo, but found that he couldn’t get financing. SAY WHAT?! So yeah, it seems that many of the houses that were foreclosed on a few years back were condos. Then banks and congress decided to make it more difficult to find financing for condos. I panicked! If this guy couldn’t get financing NO ONE could get it and we were stuck. I had a meltdown.

However, after some research, we found that it WAS possible to get financing. You just had to be willing to hunt for it and find a bank that would do it. I also emailed our neighbors at this time to let them know what we had found. Neighbor assured me that financing would not be a problem for them. I would also like to note that at this point in time the neighbors had sent their kids to see it twice and told us they didn’t want to make an offer w/o seeing it. Fine, I understand, but we’re still showing it.

Then about a week later neighbor called Santi. They had an honest man to man chat. Santi let them know that we had an offer once before and what that offer was. Our neighbors said they would put in the same offer. Fine, you do that.

Another week went by. No offers. However, we are still getting a ton of people come look at our place.

The next week Santi and I go to VEGAS!! Hollah! It was nice to see the sun. On Wednesday I received an email from our neighbors saying they were approved for a 30 day mortgage thing of some sort. This meant we should be receiving an offer from them soon. I sent the email on to our realtor. Our realtor then spread the word to all those who came to see our place that an offer was coming in, so if you wanted the place now was the time to get rolling.

Friday morning we received an offer. It wasn’t from our neighbors. In fact, they still had not put in their offer. It was an AWESOME OFFER! $3,000.00 over our asking price. I decided that I would be nice and let the neighbors know. I told them the offer amount as well. Did I have to do that? Nope. Response from neighbor “is this buyer real?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No, I’m making him up. Jerk. Anyway, his realtor called our realtor. She wanted to meet with Santi & I in person to “present” their offer sans our realtor. Um, no. Why can’t you just fax or email it in like everyone else?

After I got off work, we decided that we would indeed meet with the silly neighbor realtor to hear her offer, but our realtor had to be present as well. Our realtor called and left her a voicemail saying she could meet us at 8 pm to go over the offer. He called again at 6:30. Still no answer. We go to his office. It’s 7:50. We call and leave her another message. We were on speaker phone, we heard it. We waited until 8:40. She was a no show. So, we accepted the other offer.

Then I got an email from the neighbors saying “hey, our realtor said you didn’t want to hear our offer, what’s the deal?” UMMM, WHAT?! No, that didn’t happen. I emailed back, nope, we waited for her for over 40 minutes and she was a no show. Then he called me. He said “What happened?” I told him that his realtor never showed up. He then said that was b/c she didn’t get our messages b/c we left them after 5pm. Excuse me? What realtor works 8-5 M-F? I said, sorry, we tried calling and waited and we accepted the other offer. He then SCREAMED “WELL GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!” to which I replied in the NICEST SUGARY VOICE KNOWN TO MAN “Well thank you soo much!!!”

Their realtor also called and yelled at our realtor to whom our guy responded, “sorry, it didn’t have to be this way had you just faxed or emailed your offer in.” Her final question to him was “what offer amount did they accept?” Colin would not answer.

This question erks me. They knew the offer we were accepting. This told me again that they still didn’t believe us. This whole thing made it hard for us to be excited about selling our house. We really are not looking forward to running into them when they come back.

Whatever a-holes. We were honest and more upfront than we had to be. They had plenty of opportunities to put in an offer. It’s just business baby.