Recent Phone Convo w/ my mom:

Me: (ring ring)
Mom: Hello?
Me: Hello!
Mom: Hello?
Me: Hello!
Mom: Yes, HELLO! I can hear YOU!
Me: Great I can hear you too
Mom: Oh! ok….
Me: So what are you doing?
Mom: Who is this?
Me: Sarah
Mom: Sarah who?
Me: Sarah, your DAUGHTER
Mom: Oh, it didn’t sound like you. Where did you go to eat last night?
Me: Espana
Mom: Where?
Me: Espan…Spain, a restaurant called Spain, it’s a tapas bar
Mom: It’s a topless bar?!
Me: NO!

For the love….



August 26, 2010

The last few nights Alister has started being very fussy about the time Santi gets home from work. I feel bad about this because he’s usually pretty good during the day, so all he gets to see is Mr. Cranky Pants.

However, yesterday was very bad. He started crying very early on in the day. At the grocery store in fact. Yes, people were staring at me, but nothing I was doing was soothing him, so I just kept shopping til I had what I needed. It was like that all day.

Then when Santi got home it got worse. He pretty much just screamed until 11 pm. It was awful. I contemplated giving him back. I thought maybe his stomach was hurting, but after he had a really big poop-splosion, he was still crying.

I decided to walk in the backyard with him because he likes the outdoors. I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that it was 10 o’clock at night. Of course a neighbor came out to get her dogs who were barking at us and kept staring at me. I’m sure she thought I was beating our child. I’m still waiting for CPS to stop by. I decided to go inside after that.

Finally after walking the floor some more inside he wore himself out. It was pretty awful. I felt helpless, angry, annoyed, and tired.

He seems MUCH better today. He’s still a little fussy, but he smiled at me this morning, so I guess we’ll keep him.

Rage about the machine

August 26, 2010

The other day my phone rang and I looked at the number like I always do because it was the “I don’t know you” ring tone. I was surprised to see the number belonged to my ex-bestie. Yes, the one I blogged about breaking up with. Anyway, I figured she just hit my number by mistake. She was always kind of technologically challenged. She didn’t leave a message, so that must have been the case.

5 minutes later it rings again. Ok, so it’s not a mistake. What could she possibly want? I started racking my brain about possible angst filled scenarios. Then the voicemail notification pops up.

“Hey Sarah, this is Lena. I just saw in the paper that you and Santi had a baby and wanted to say congratulations, no matter where things stand between us right now. You can call me back if you want.”

Are you serious?!

Of course I immediately start planning what I’m going to say to her and then tell all my friends about how ridiculous this is. Then I took a deep breath and started thinking….

How selfish of her. How selfish of her to think that I WANT to talk to her. As if I’m just sitting around waiting for her to finally call me. This is why I stopped being friends with her in the first place. It was always about me giving her exactly what she wanted and needed and never having that returned.

I have had some major life events take place since I last talked to her. During this time I’ve had some of the most awesome support from TRUE friends that I’ve ever had in my life. I have it pretty awesome right now.

So while I still played the voicemail for my friends after one night of talking about it, I deleted it. I took the power and held my tongue leaving her to ponder.

I’m so adult now….

Don’t worry, I’m sure my mouth will get me in trouble soon enough.

Random Notes

August 6, 2010

1. 1 month with the baby…I think we are still getting used to each other. Some days he tries my nerves and other days he rocks, so I guess he’s alot like me. HA!

2. I googled “how to minimize stretch marks” (yes I got a few) and the 1st two sites that came up suggested the best way to get rid of them was not to get them at all. Oh really asshole? These sites were obviously written by men who never gave birth.

3. I’ve begun to question my up bringing even more as I see the way my parents try to “help” and offer advice. My dad for example was afraid to hold the baby and seemed like he didn’t know what he was doing. Obviously he was a big help to my mom. My mom said she took pills to stop her breast milk (which is why my immune system probably blows) and said that she began giving us rice cereal at 1 month (which probably means 2 weeks) so that we would sleep through the night and suggested I do the same. All of the studies I’ve read say this is a big “no-no” and really does not help your child sleep any more than just breast milk or formula. In fact, Santi’s mom has given me more advice and support and she had no mom to help her through her three births. Thanks mom.

4. I got mastitis. It’s a breast infection. It makes your boobs feel like they are on fire and get a hard lump in them. You get a fever and chills and feel really tired. I just thought it was funny that mastitis has the word “tit” in it. Good stuff. See, that’s me keeping a good attitude about a not so awesome situation.

5. I’ll be on my own next week….I’ll let you know how that works out….hehehehe