Rage about the machine

August 26, 2010

The other day my phone rang and I looked at the number like I always do because it was the “I don’t know you” ring tone. I was surprised to see the number belonged to my ex-bestie. Yes, the one I blogged about breaking up with. Anyway, I figured she just hit my number by mistake. She was always kind of technologically challenged. She didn’t leave a message, so that must have been the case.

5 minutes later it rings again. Ok, so it’s not a mistake. What could she possibly want? I started racking my brain about possible angst filled scenarios. Then the voicemail notification pops up.

“Hey Sarah, this is Lena. I just saw in the paper that you and Santi had a baby and wanted to say congratulations, no matter where things stand between us right now. You can call me back if you want.”

Are you serious?!

Of course I immediately start planning what I’m going to say to her and then tell all my friends about how ridiculous this is. Then I took a deep breath and started thinking….

How selfish of her. How selfish of her to think that I WANT to talk to her. As if I’m just sitting around waiting for her to finally call me. This is why I stopped being friends with her in the first place. It was always about me giving her exactly what she wanted and needed and never having that returned.

I have had some major life events take place since I last talked to her. During this time I’ve had some of the most awesome support from TRUE friends that I’ve ever had in my life. I have it pretty awesome right now.

So while I still played the voicemail for my friends after one night of talking about it, I deleted it. I took the power and held my tongue leaving her to ponder.

I’m so adult now….

Don’t worry, I’m sure my mouth will get me in trouble soon enough.


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